RAPE ANY GIRL ON SIGHT – The Assam Rape Festival in India begins this week

RAPE ANY GIRL ON SIGHT – The Assam Rape Festival in India begins this week Men in India are already beginning to celebrate as the annual Assam Rape Festival is just days away. Every non-married girl age 7-16 will have the chance to flee to safety or get raped. Madhuban Ahluwalia who heads up the annual festival told reporters why the event is so important. “This is a long time tradition in Assam dating back thousands of years,” says Ahluwalia. “We rape the evil demons out of the girls, otherwise they will cheat on us and we will be forced to kill them. So it is necessary for everyone.” The Assam Festival began in 43 BC when Baalkrishan Tamil Nadu raped everyone in his village of Doomdooma. Baalkrishan Tamil Nadu is remembered every year at this event, in fact the trophy given to the man with the most rapes is called “The Baalkrishan”. 24-year-old Harikrishna Majumdar told reporters that he has been training all year for this event. “I’m going to get the most rapes thi




On November 29, December 1 and other days later in 1781, 85 Ghanaian men, women and children were thrown overboard The Zong, a slave ship that was due to arrive in Jamaica. In protest, 10 more slaves jumped into the sea. In total, 142 slaves lost their lives due to the massacre. 62 Africans died previously due to malnutrition and disease.

The Zong was originally named Zorg, a Dutch word which ironically translates to “Care” in English. The slave ship was owned by the Middelburgsche Commercie Compagnie; based in Middleburg, Netherlands.  In 1777, the ship made a voyage to Suriname, South America. After being seized by the British, on February 26, The Zong arrived in Cape Coast, Ghana.

In 1781, the ship was acquired by an individual described as Master of William.  As a way to curtail financial responsibility as dead slaves were considered to be of no worth, surgeons boarded the ship to examine the fitness of slaves. Rejected slaves were killed by African handlers upon orders.

As the ship sailed from Africa, it was equipped with a 17-member crew, which was a precursor for the ensuing trouble ahead.

On August 18, 1781, the ship left Ghana with 442 slaves. The number of slaves was far more than the ship could handle.

On September 6, after stopping at Sao Tome to restock for water, the crew headed onto the Atlantic Ocean to Jamaica.  On November 18 or 19, the ship was due for another refill of water, but crew members did not stop to fill the boat.

On November 27 or 28, crew members mistook Jamaica for Saint Domingue, Hispaniola.  Leaving Jamaica, the crew realized their mistake after sailing for 300 nautical miles.  At that point, there were only four days’ worth of water left on the ship.  Heading back to the Caribbean island would take 10-13 days.

If slaves died on the ship, ship workers would not receive redress from insurers.  If the slaves died of “natural causes” no payout would be issued.  If the slaves were thrown from the ship in an attempt to “save other ship members and property”, a loss could be claimed with insurers.  Insurance covered what would equate to $39.50 dollars per slave.

The crew members decided to throw nearly half of the slaves into the ocean and claimed that jettison of the slaves was necessary due to lack of water.  The ship arrived in Jamaica on December 22 – with 420 imperial gallons of water aboard.

There were 208 slaves aboard The Zong when it arrived in Black River, Jamaica.  The average cost of each slave was $47.40.

Ownership of the ship  remained with the British and it was renamed Richard of Jamaica.
Ship owners claimed compensation but were denied monies by the insurers.  The logbook aboard the newly christened Richard of Jamaica was lost – it contained proof of the massacre.

A court case ensued at the Guildhall in London on March 6, 1783.  The judge – Earl of Mansfield, presided over the case.  He also oversaw the Somerset Case in 1772. A jury ruled in favor of the slave owners in The Zong case.

An appeal was made and another trial was held on May 21 and 22, 1783.  It was determined that the crew members aboard The Zong were liable.  It was also revealed that after the second batch of slaves were killed, heavy rain fell and another group of slaves were killed after the rain stopped.  No crew member aboard The Zong was ever held liable for killing the slaves.

The Zong massacre gained global coverage. Granville Sharp, a white English abolitionist, attempted to get the crew members penalized for killing the slaves but was unable to.

The Zong massacre became the catalyst for the abolitionist movement in Britain.  In 1788, the Slave Trade Act restricted the number of slaves transported.

The Slave Trade Act of 1807 prohibited the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade in Britain with the United States following suite in 1808.

Slavery was eliminated by initiation of the Slavery Abolition Act 1833 – in the British Empire.

In 2007, a dedicatory stone was set up at Black River, Jamaica at the site where The Zong should have docked..

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RAPE ANY GIRL ON SIGHT – The Assam Rape Festival in India begins this week

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Colorized by: Hristos Kaplanis1 1947. His home of record is Trenton1 1947. It’s famously know as1 1951- USAF Capt. James Jabara became the worlds first jet-versus-jet ace. Jabara1 1953: Jacqueline Cochran1 19542 19552 1955 (also starring Tom Ewell)1 19572 1957 A 15 year old girl starts her first day at school1 19621 1963: This Man Knocked Down A Wall Of His Home And Revealed An Ancient Underground City1 1966 - The U.S. 4th Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously reverses a lower court decision and orders Dixie Hospital to reinstate the employment of nurses Mildred Smith1 1966. Flooding in Florence1 19681 1968 - The Tet Offensive is in full swing1 19711 1975 when American photographer Stanley Joseph Forman1 19761 1979. The protest was held on International Women's Day1 19801 19811 1981: Bob Marley died at Cedars of Lebanon Hospital in Miami. He was 361 1981.⁣ ⁣ Photographed by Miron Zownir:⁣1 1982. 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Virginia1 began exhibiting1 beginning in July 1905 / ending in July 19071 Being pressed to death was one of the slowest and most agonizing methods of execution in human history1 Belgian businessman Maurice Maitre kidnapped a family of Selk'nam people from Chile1 Belgium.1 believed to be longest-married dies1 Benefit of swallowing man sperm1 Benjamin Banneker was born a free man in 17311 Benjamin Lay was a 4 foot 7 inch1 Bernard Madoff1 better known by his nickname Caracalla1 Between 1967 And 1975 ships became stranded in the Suez Canal1 Between 1976 and 1992 This Man Claimed To Have Slept With Up To 100 Dead Female Corpses1 Bhopal Gas tragedy1 Biddy Bridget Mason (1815-1891)1 Billie Jean King triumphs in “Battle of the Sexes1 Bishops conduct exorcism over the entire nation of Mexico to cast out demon of abortion1 Bizarre cultural traditions of ancient Egypt1 Bizarre frost formation on a rock1 ๐—•๐—Ÿ๐—”๐—–๐—ž ๐—›๐—œ๐—ฆ๐—ง๐—ข๐—ฅ๐—ฌ ๐— ๐—ข๐—ก๐—ง๐—› ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง ๐—จ๐—ž (๐—ข๐—ฐ๐˜ 1๐˜€๐˜ - ๐—ข๐—ฐ๐˜ 31๐˜€๐˜)1 Black history that you Remains Untold1 Black or white? Ancient Egyptian race mystery now solved1 Blake1 Blanche Monnier was a Parisian socialite who was known for her beauty. In France1 Blanche Monnier was a socialite from a well-respected1 BLOOD EAGLE: The Viking Torture Method So Grisly Some Historians Don’t Believe It Actually Happened1 blood is removed from the body through the red tube1 Blue Babe is a 501 Bob Marley's wife1 Bodies line the streets of Seoul after Halloween stampede1 Bohemian Grove: Where the rich and powerful go to misbehav1 Born in London on September 141 born May 71 Born with a rare condition that caused her knees to bend backward1 born with no collarbones1 boy Maurice Milechman1 Brazilian woman laced vagina with poison to kill husband1 BREAST IRONING NEEDED IN SCHOOL1 Brewster Body Armor — the first effective bullet proof armor developed for the US Army1 Bride leaving her recently bombed home to get married1 BRIEF HISTORY OF GBAGYI PEOPLE1 Bristist priest: The Story Behind First Suicide Hotline1 British Father-of-Four Killed by Putin's Troops in Ukraine1 British soldier directing a Mark IV tank across a trench1 British tourist1 Buddhist academic claims1 built almost 2000 years ago1 built without the use of a single nail2 bull was allegedly a torture and execBrazenution device was invented by Perillos of Athens between 570-554 BC1 BURIAL SITE REVEALS HOW ETRUSCAN IDENTITY SURVIVED ROMAN CONQUEST1 Buries Her In His Room (Graphic Photos)1 Burkina Faso ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ซ aren't harmful1 but bold and efficient surgeon1 But Instead Of Flipping Out He Got A Very Public Revenge1 but it still has relatives living in the world today1 but not forgotten. Jonathan E. Sykes was born on January 111 but perhaps it should also be called the City of Bones.1 but the identity of Jack the Ripper1 but the origins of this wonderful monument are due to the civilization much older1 but the Palace Women's Revolt of 1542 (also known as the Palace plot of Renyin year)1 but they are products of pain1 but they forgot a detail1 But They Had To Live With Huge Holes in Their Heads1 but tonight it’s about to get a political1 but you will notice there are no women present1 by Allen Stewart1 By the time she was 14 years old1 ca. 18901 Caitlin Moran makes NRLW history as she cops one-game ban for calling the Queen a 'dog' in shocking Instagram post1 Calif.1 call our loved ones and neighbors to eat with us.. let us feast1 Can humans befriend bears? “Can humans befriend bears ?”1 Can you notice anything peculiar about this pillar?1 Canine Prisoner of War1 Cannibal Holocaust is a horror film released in 19801 captured WW1 like no-one else1 caribou antler1 Carl Tanzler Lived With A Corpse For Over Seven Years Before He Was Discovered1 Carmen Amaya was considered “the greatest Flamenco dancer ever .1 Cats And Assorted Other Meats1 Celebrating Halloween in 1886: A man dresses himself up as the king of billiards with his two sons dressed up as the 8 ball and the cue ball1 Cetshwayo1 Chad Varah1 Chains was the ornaments around their necks1 chances are you've heard the legend of The Green Man1 Changing Climate May Have Led To Earliest Mummies1 Check out these amazing handprints carved into the soft sandstone surface of the White Mountain1 Check out this 31 Check out this extraordinary 21 Check Out This Mysterious Creature That Resembles Humans1 Checkout The Advantages Germans Had During Nazi Germany1 Cheddar Man is the oldest complete hรปman skeleton fรตund in Great Britain1 China. Photograph by Zhang Xiaoli1 Chinese 'flying car' makes first public flight in Dubai1 Chinese Girl1 Chinese soldiers forms a human-body bridge to save kids after flash flood (Photos)1 CHRISTIANITY DIDN'T COME TO AFRICA BY THE WHITEMAN1 ๐—–๐—›๐—ช๐—” ๐—œ๐—œ1 Civil War surgeons treated relatively few wounds caused by blades1 Cleopatra ascended the throne at the age of 17 and died at the age of 39. She spoke 9 languages.2 Cleopatra ascended the throne at the age of 17 and she died at the age of 39 as undoubtedly one of the most iconic figures from the history of humankind1 Collects Her Bag1 Colorized Civil War Photos That Bring America’s Deadliest Conflict To Life1 conservative bourgeois family in Poitiers1 considered the most decorated enlisted man in the history of the US Navy1 Continental Edition of January 141 Couple divorce after THREE MINUTES when Kuwaiti bride trips and husband calls her 'stupid' - prompting his wife to have the marriage annulled immediately1 Cowboys lined up at the bar in Tascosa1 created by Pharaoh Nectanebo I (378-362 BC)1 Creepy images reveal baby mammoth almost perfectly preserved after 301 Crocodiles in Bazoul1 Crowded ship bringing American troops back to New York harbor after V-Day1 Currently displayed in the Xinjiang Museum1 Czech scientists reveal striking look of a Bronze Age woman from Bohemia2 D.C.1 Dad burns his 12-year-old son to death for not doing his homework1 Dad had only 6 months left1 DARE TO INVADE1 Darryl Strawberry Used To Have Sex Between Innings1 dates back to BC in the Ancient period1 Dead In US Prison1 Dead pope on trial1 Deadly Sniper Roza Shanina Was One Of The Soviets’ Greatest Assets In World War II1 deafness1 Dear reader there is an image at the end that can hurt your sensitivity.1 Dearg-Due1 debated whether a ghost forest made of tree trunks appeared only once each month for a very short time was live1 Decomposing Body Discovered in Haunted House in South Carolina1 Dennis Rader - B.T.K1 Dentists found out the reason of this father’s death after ignoring a toothache1 Designer creates wearable third eye to help you walk safely while you use your smartphone1 Devon England1 Did you know that a long time ago it was thought that babies did not feel pain?1 Did you know that E.thiopians trained Lions to capture the soldiers of the e.nemy and f.ought side by side with Cheetahs1 Did you know that it was once against the law for black women to show their hair in public?1 Did you know that the daggers inside the pyramid’s chambers do not rust and do not lose the sharpness of their blade1 DID YOU KNOW THAT THE PELICAN SYMBOLIZES CHRIST AND THE EUCHARIST?1 Did you know; History repeats itself tonight!1 DID YOU KNOW: The legendary referee Pierluigi Collina1 Did you know?1 Did you know? Not all prisoners of war were male during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines1 died in 1988. Mesut Ozil born 19881 Dina Sanichar1 Diogenes was an ancient Greek philosopher that was best known for mocking people1 directed by Ruggero Deodato and scripted by Gianfranco Clerici1 Director of 'The 7 Year Itch1 DISCOVERED1 Discovered by accident in 19721 Disturbing ancient historical facts1 Disturbing moment Surgeons struggle to remove live snake from woman's ear will shock you1 Divers shining lights on a head of Serapis1 DNA extracted from bones and teeth in a 41 Do know these history tidbit about death?2 Do Scorpions Lay Eggs?1 DOCTOR FORGOT SCISSOR INSIDE PATIENT1 Doctor Satan: The Insane Story of Serial Killer Marcel Petiot1 Doctors Noticed Something Coming out of Baby’s Head1 Doesn't this resemble an anthill?1 Dogs at War: Judy1 dolphins like to come around/near pregnant women1 DON'T TRY TO KNOW YOUR HUSBAND'S WAYS WITH SALARY !!!!1 don’t worry. I know I am going to die.1 Dr. Arthur Duperrault chartered a luxury yacht from Ft.1 Drops Heaertbreaking Note Why1 Drugs and Amazing Memories Led to This Weird Turtle Photo1 Duchess Camila's attempt (1995) in recreating Lady Diana's famous1 During 16th and 17th century1 During a King Neptune ritual1 During a robbery in Zimbabwe2 during the Civil War1 During the filming of "Summertime" (Summertime in the original) in Venice1 During the Second World War1 During World War 21 Eagle does not fight the snake on the ground1 Early humans domesticated themselves1 EAST GERMAN SOLDIER HELPS A LITTLE BOY SNEAK ACROSS THE BERLIN WALL1 Eastern Zhou dynasty period1 Edinburgh Castle is by far one of the most haunted places in Europe1 Egypt2 EGYPTIAN MUMMIES1 Einstein teaching at a black college1 El Mojon1 ELECTRICITY CAN ENTER OUR BODY THROUGH THE FLASH OF DIGITAL CAMERA1 Elizabeth Taylor at age 16. The photos1 Ella Harper stood out. Born with a rare condition known as congenital genu recuvatum1 Emma Gatewood1 Emmett Till’s mother insisted that her son’s funeral be an open casket and declined the mortician’s offer to “touch up” her son’s body1 ENERGY DRINKS CAN KILL My son's toxicology. And Autopsyreport came back as a man in perfect health1 England1 England as the second wife of His Majesty King Henry VIII1 Englishman Brendon Grimshaw bought a tiny uninhabited island in the Seychelles and moved there forever1 enslaved Africans fled from the South Carolina’s to Spain controlled Florida seeking freedom1 enslaved men and women from St1 entitled "PRESENT ARMS" it featured Pfc.1 Enzo Ferrari founder of Ferrari1 Escape Artist Harry Houdini Locked Up In Chains About To Take A 30 Foot Plunge Off The Harvard Bridge Into The Charles River In Boston1 escaped into the Parczew1 Etruscans of Central Italy1 Eugene Williams1 European drought reveals centuries-old 'Hunger Stone1 Evelyn McHale leapt to her death from the Empire State Building1 EVEN WHEN TGE MOVIE Made OVER $200 MILLION1 evening - The New York Times reports on a handful of prominent American tourists currently in1 Ever since the Ever since the Japanese tsunami of 2011 killed more than 151 Ever wonder why most staircases in medieval castles were built to be extremely narrow and spiraling in a clockwise direction?1 Ever wondered what exactly is Coca-Cola1 Every single time you hear expressions like ancient Eurasians or Basal Eurasians know that they are talking about Black Africans with no Neanderthal admixture1 Evidence of early human presence in the Arctic found on an ancient Woolly Mammoth1 ex-CIA agent confesses1 Example of the grave 11 from the Hungarian Conquest period cemetery of Karos-Eperjesszรถg: a) picture of the grave (Rรฉvรฉsz1 Exclusive: Meet America’s First Legal Male Prostitute1 Exposed: Meet Swinger Woman Who Lets Her Mother Sleep With Her Husband1 Fact about Michael Jackson1 FACT ABOUT PINEAL GLAND1 Fact: How The Eagle Dies and Leave This World1 Falling Man1 falls to his death from seventh floor of Magaluf hotel where he was staying with his family after 'shouting' was heard1 Family Is Happy For Their Grandmother Who Gets Married At Age 861 famine and freezing temperatures1 famous American inventor Richard Jordan Gatling M.D. (1818-1903)1 famous Apache war chief Geronimo surrendered to U.S1 famous for her shooting skills1 Female Genital Mutilation happens in India; here's everything you need to know1 Feral Children Raised By Wolf KAMALA And AMALA1 Fidel Castro slept with 351 Fifteenth-century human bones1 Fighting Bradleys Soldier On1 filed in 1919 and granted in 19211 fingers1 five brothers and 20 other family members1 five children mysteriously vanished after their West Virginia home went up in flames1 Flaying: The Most Agonizing Execution method in Human History1 flying a Canadian-built F-86 Sabre at Edwards AFB1 Flying Snakes (Genus Chrysopelea)1 For 13 thousand dollars1 for almost fifteen good years1 For nearly 200 years1 for people in a given time1 for stealing1 For thousands of years1 Former Escort Who Slept With 101 Fortune Ferguson1 Fossilized shells of ancient armadillos the size of Volkswagen Beetles that roamed the earth 201 found an immaculately preserved carcass of an Ice Age cave bear1 found in Bjรฆldskovdal in Denmark1 found in the sunken Egyptian coastal town of Canopus1 found inside the home of serial killer Ed Gein after his arrest in 19571 four unidentified British bodies were exhumed from temporary battlefield cemeteries at Ypres1 France2 France gathered 400 Muslim scholars1 France. 19151 Frank Embree: Remembering The Innocent 19-Year-Old Black Boy Who Was Forced To Eat His Pen!s And Lynched By A White Mob For False R@pe1 French girl vents anger by kicking at a passing German prisoner on his way to confinement after being captured. September 261 French soldiers and Red Cross "Mercy" dogs before departing for the Front - by the west gate of the Tuileries Gardens (Place de la Concorde) - Paris1 French woman accused of sleeping with Germans during the occupation has her head shaved by vindictive neighbors in village near Marseilles1 Frida Kahlo takes a family photo1 from "As the Crow story goes1 From $401 From 1977 to 19791 From Ancient Butt Plugs To Steam-Powered Vibrators2 from suffering. He made this request two months before he died1 from the late 6th Dynasty to the early 12th Dynasty.1 fulfilling and longer life1 FULL MOON ECLIPSE MAY 15-16 2022!1 Fully Booked For Weeks (Yes1 Future LIFE Magazine Photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt while serving with the German Army during WW11 Future serial killer Ed Gein spent his youth locked away on the family's rural1 Future serial killer Ed Gein spent his youth locked away on the family's rural Wisconsin farm1 GA by a man and son duo who HUNTED him down1 Gandhi Begins Twenty-One Day Fast in an Attempt to Reconcile Hindus and Muslims1 gangsters would punish their rivals by cutting a victim's mouth open in the shape of a demented grin1 gave birth to a baby girl during a school trip1 Genghis Khan the GREEN: Invader killed so many people that carbon levels plummeted1 Genocide were carried out against the Bengali people 2 times. First by the British in the 1943 and second by Pakistan in 19711 George McLaurin1 George Stinney Jr. was the youngest person sentenced to death in the United States1 George Washington’s dentures were made from wood1 Germanic law in the Middle Ages allowed for divorce by combat1 Germany1 Germany Built Wooden Airfields to Fool the Allies1 Gertrude Ederle was the first woman to swim across the English Channel1 Gianni Versace and Jean-Marie Pรฉrier1 Giant Cobra Killed and Swallowed Huge Python In Philippines (Photos)1 Girl Absconds1 Girl who survived Asiana plane crash killed by SFO firetruck2 GLADIATORS IN ANCIENT ROME-HOW DID THEY LIVE AND DIE?1 Goat Gives Birth To 'human Being' In Yobe [photo]1 God Bless this Marine Oscar P. Austin1 God Bless this WWII hero: On This Day - March 221 Godzilla vs Kong best action movie 20221 Golden gist WHY OUR PANTIES BLEACH1 Golden throne of Tutankhamun dated approx1 Gorilla Carries 3-Year-Old Boy to Safety After He Fell Into Enclosure in 1996 Incident1 Gorilla Rapes Man1 Grandad discovers 17ft medieval well in the middle of his living room – and even drinks the water1 Grave of Urartian woman buried with jewelry unearthed in Turkey (From the archives1 Great Hunt mosaic in Villa Romana del Casale1 Greatest Inventors Of All Times - Tim Berners- Lee1 Greece2 Greek Farmer Accidentally Discovers 31 Guide Dog Roselle Helped Her Blind Owner Escape 9/111 had a great impact on her.1 had lived in total isolation for the past 26 years1 Had to do this since everything is upside down today!1 Haid Al-Jazil: Inside Yemen’s forgotten town which only has 17 residents1 Hailey Bieber In First Photos Together1 Half-And-Halfs1 Half-Man Half-Woman1 Hand belonging to an X-ray technician at the Royal London Hospital2 HAPPENING ON THIS DAY1 HAPPENING TODAY: November 41 HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Let's talk about bats. And blood1 has earned another Guinness World Records title!1 Haunted USA: WAVERLY HILLS SANATORIUM OF KENTUCKY1 he asked her "what was the 1st thing you did after buying the phone"?1 he committed suicide. He could no longer bear the images1 He Escaped Prison1 he gained a well-deserved reputation as a strict1 He is George McLaurin the first black man admitted to Oklahoma University in 19481 he Maji Maji Rebellion in Tanganyika (modern-day Tanzania)1 he strongly advised her to terminate the pregnancy1 HE WAS THE FIRST MAN TO TEST THE BULLET PROOF VEST1 He was thrown out on the street with nothing because he was morbidly obese1 He won the Pulitzer Prize for his work. And then1 HEALTH TIPS FOR LADIES1 hear1 Heart breaking : "I married my wife 29 years ago. She came with two boys from her previous marriage1 Henrietta Lacks died from cervical cancer1 her doctor told her she would give birth to a baby with Down syndrome. Then1 Her heart was ripped out and her body was left to rot where it lay1 her knees bent1 Here are some disturbing ancient historical facts1 Here are some HISTORICAL True Fact1 Here is Lucifer before he became a fallen angel1 Here is rreal images of alien1 Here is something to know1 Here is what ladies should know1 Here’s what the doctors and mainstream medical "experts" are ignoring1 Hermaphrodites1 Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg1 Herodotus on the Egyptians - World Historical Event1 Hey. It’s me. I have tried for the past few years to keep politics off of this space1 himself a mathematician and astronomer and the last attested member of the Alexandrian Museum1 Hiram Maxim: The Right Place1 his body was never found and she was sentenced1 His name was Major William Martin1 Historical evidence proves that dentistry started around the areas of China1 History has not always been pleasant. This Belt made from real human nipples1 HISTORY OF HUMAN SACRIFICE1 History will never forget that Jacqueline Kennedy1 History: The story of Otokoto money ritual killings of 1996.1 HMS Chester at Battle of Jutland May 19161 HMS Queen Elizabeth Assumes Role as Royal Navy’s New Fleet Flagship1 Hogging the limelight: Meet Zhu Jianqiang1 Horrific discovery of bloody ritual in 'Midnight Terror Cave' with 188 human remains1 How “White Death” Simo Hรคyhรค Became The Deadliest Sniper In History1 How American soldiers react to the concentration camps1 HOW ARABS CAME TO BE IN THE NORTHERN PART OF AFRICA1 How Bhad Bhabie became so famous and rich1 How big was the hole in the Titanic1 How Butt Gas1 how do you feel you should continue1 How East End families spent holidays working on Kent farms until as recently as the 1970s1 How Giant Mirrors Will Bring Winter Sunlight To A Norwegian Town For The First Time1 How perfect water gun was invented1 How Richard Ramirez’s Teeth Finally Brought An End To His Murderous Reign of Terror1 How the Battle of Himera Signalled the Start of the Sicilian Wars1 How The Murderous ‘Mad Trapper’ Led Police On A Month-Long Manhunt In The Canadian Wilderness1 How to avoid fire accident1 How to operate the Big Bird costume1 How to wear high-end sexy1 How Vladimir Putin was born1 How were Roman roads built? THE PROCESS OF BUILDING A ROMAN ROAD WAS AS FOLLOWS:1 How wives tricked their husbands in a French town during the Middle Ages1 Human – Dog Hybrids Are Real. These Animals are actually being sold now to the super-rich1 Human Experiments in North Korea1 Human Sacrifice Practices Throughout History1 Human Sacrifice Victims Slaves Killed For Elitism1 Humans appear to be flying1 hunchbacked Quaker who was an abolitionist1 Hundreds of skeletons found underneath department store in Wales1 husbands and wives could fight in a marital duel in order to legally settle their disputes1 Hypatia was the daughter of Theon of Alexandria1 I am literally shocked by reading one article. the link is given below... I really don't know whether it is true or not but would like to write about it1 I killed Bob Marley1 I regard it as the most amazing thing I have ever seen. As I review it1 I was lucky he didn’t notice me! I had to take this selfie to remind myself not to be in this shoe ever again1 I will use your skull as a drinking cup and your jawbones to beat my drums1 Ibadan1 If Adam and Eve are light in complexion1 IF YOU1 If you grew up in the 1950s and 60s in Western Pennsylvania1 IF YOU HAVE HAD SEX IN DREAM1 In 16471 In 1752 England transitioned from the Julian Calendar to the Gregorian calendar1 In 18481 In 18671 In 18981 In 19121 In 19151 In 19371 In 1943 African American soldiers faced off with w.hite American Military police during World War II on British soil1 in 19521 In 19611 In 19681 In 19731 In 1974 local farmers in Xian (one of China’s oldest cities) unearthed the 21 In 19791 In 19801 In 19901 In 19921 In 19931 in 19942 In 1996 a 12-Year-Old Missing Girl Found Alive Inside A Soakaway With Her Throat Slaughtered1 In 19981 In 20051 In 20071 In 201211 In 20141 In 20201 In 20th-century Scotland1 in a small town in the Canary Islands. The original caption read: “Goat suckling a child in 19581 in addition to long arms1 In an extraordinary example of being in the wrong place at the right time1 In ancient Egypt there was a sacred duty1 In ancient Greece1 In Bed with Death: A Story of a Man Who Lived with the Body of His Loved One for Seven Years1 in Birmingham1 In February 16921 In Iran was killed for wearing a veil and with 16years old was killed after being raped1 In January 19491 In JAPAN1 In London1 In March 19971 In medieval Germany1 In October 19911 In September 19911 In service to nation1 in strictest secrecy1 In the 1500s1 In the 1950s1 In the 19th century1 In the early morning hours of June 61 In the late 1880s1 in the middle of the so-called “Offshore Ground”1 In the UK1 in the year 500BC1 in what became Dahomey1 in Wyoming1 including a 13-year-old1 including stabbed the victim in the eye1 Incoming Fashion Trends: Squirrel Teeth1 India1 Indira Gandhi’s assassination: Shocking story behind why Iron Lady’s trusted bodyguards turned assailants1 Indonesia1 Indonesia’s police have arrested a 29-year-old Philippians woman for killing and eating humans1 Influenced by a popular legend1 Inside North Korea’s Disturbing Kidnapping Industry That Saw Hundreds Of Japanese People Abducted1 Inside The Brutal Murders Of Robert Ben Rhoades1 Inside The Disturbing Disappearance Of Susan Powell1 Inside The Disturbing Legend Of The ‘Tsunami Spirits’ That Have Haunted Japan Ever Since Its 2011 Disaster1 Inside The Disturbing Sculptures Of Ireland’s Victor’s Way1 Inside The Legend Of The Candiru1 Inside The Murder Of Travis Alexander2 Inside The Vicious Crimes Of Child Murderer Mary Bell1 Inside the Villa of the Mysteries of Pompeii:1 into Kemet from around 3001 BCE or earlier but not later1 Ireland 18491 is facing his execution in China in 19001 Is it possible to use a remote to control people?1 is married to Jake1 Is This Photo of an Automobile ‘Neck Belt’ from the 1960s Real?1 it is a statue of The Buddha1 It is an image that brings to mind an event or location1 It is said that this is the grave of angus martin (aonghas na gaoithe)1 It is the oldest teahouse in all of England. It is Grade II listed. The Crooked House of Windsor has a curious history1 it left Them in Awe1 It took me a second to realize what I was looking at1 it was a black doctor in 1893 Chicago that really made history1 It was a one-way trip1 It was love at first sight for both Kris and Paul1 It was on July 221 It would be fair to say that Christian VII of Denmark did not have an easy life.1 it’s common for the lioness to reproduce on average 20 to 40 times1 Italy3 Italy found the eerily preserved remains of a man inside a tomb in the churchyard1 Italy hails 'exceptional' discovery of ancient bronze statues in Tuscany1 Italy’s First Sex Doll Brothel Opens1 Iwo Jima1 J. Marion Sims “the father of modern gynecology” purchased Black women slaves and used them as guinea pigs for his untested surgical experiments1 Jack the Ripper was an unidentified serial killer active in the impoverished districts in and around Whitechapel in the East End of London in 18881 Jacqueline and Joanna were killed in a car accident. The next year they were "reincarnated".1 Jacqueline Nyetipei Kiplimo did something that stunned the world during the 2010 Zheng-Kai Marathon1 James Dean Posing Inside a Casket Seven Months Before His Death1 James Elliott “Willy” Williams1 January 311 Japan in 19451 Jason Vukovich was sexually and physically abused by his stepfather1 Joe Arridy Was the Happiest Man on Death Row1 Joe Holm (z’’l)1 John Edmonstone was an enslaved black man who taught the young and inexperienced Charles Darwin the skill of taxidermy1 John Philip Walker Lindh was captured during the United States invasion of Afghanistan in November 20011 John Unger was captured floating his dog to sleep in lake superior. His dog had develop severe arthritis and had weeks to live1 Johnny Coulon1 Jonathan1 JUAN BAPTISTA DOS SANTOS – THE MAN WITH TWO PEN!s1 Juan Pujol Garcia in his uniform as a lieutenant in the Spanish Republic Army.⁣1 Juliane Koepcke was sucked out of an airplane after it was struck by lightning1 JUNE 1941 OPERATION BARBAROSSA THE GERMANY INVASION OF THE SOVIET UNION1 Just a reminder of how Christianity became so popular today1 just right1 Kala Brown’s Captor Locked Her Inside A Shipping Container — Then Posted Amazon Reviews About The Locks He Used1 Karam Chand1 Kariba Couple Attacked by Lion While Having Sex In The Bush1 Karina Chikitova1 Katharina was admitted to an asylum after sabotaging the rails of a train so that it crashed1 Kendall Jenner shows off toned tummy in a tiny crop top and baggy striped shorts as she touches down in the Bahamas1 Kent State Shooting1 KENYA1 Kenyan Lady Who Must Have Sex With 3 Different Men Every Day (Photos)1 Kenyan schoolgirl1 Kerma culture burial1 kers who might survive the brutal “seasoning”1 Kettering1 Kevin Carter1 Killer History: UK'S MOST DANGEROUS PRISONER1 killing four little girls1 kills herself after alleged period shaming by teacher1 Kim Jong Un execute his ex-girlfriend for making a sex tape1 ๐—ž๐—œ๐—ก๐—š ๐——๐—”๐—จ๐——๐—œ (1896-1939)1 King of the Zulu who defeated the British at the Battle of Isandlwana1 Kiss This: Scientists Show Off a Cyber-Smooching Machine1 knowing the truth1 KUNTA KINTE: 20 years old in 1977 & 65 years old in 20221 laborers in the Dutch village of Yde were dredging a bog when they came upon a sight so horrific it scarred their souls and sent them running1 laborers working on a cathedral1 laborers working on a cathedral in Venzone1 Lady reportedly passes on after being locked up and st@rved for a year by her “husband”1 LAKE BAIKAL AND ITS "FLOATING ROCKS1 Lanzarote.1 Lask of its Kind1 Lastweek my girlfriend invited me to her house. I found her sister alone in the house1 Learn Our History Today: On March 251 Learn Our History Today: On September 21 Led A Double Life For Decades. His Story Is Now Viral1 legs and toes1 Leslie Irvin of the United States makes the first successful voluntary free-fall parachute jump using a new kind of self-contained parachute1 Lesser known fact About Israel1 lesson from Socrates that never ceases to impress Human1 Letter from a Late Mother to her son three days after her burial1 letter in bottle thrown from Titanic's deck found (Details)1 Liberated female prisoners queue for soup1 Library of Congress1 Lion of Gripsholm Castle1 Lip Surgery Gone Wrong1 lit the grill and said to his son1 Little girl survives 11 days in Siberian forest1 Lives in Pieces1 Located in a steep-sided glaciated valley between the settlements of Quoys and Rackwick on Hoy1 locked in the mental hospital where she died1 London1 LONG HAIRED THE GYPSY VANNER HORSE1 Long live Titina Sila!! Revolutionary freedom fighter for Guinea Bissau and Africa's Liberation1 Long-time ago in the Animal Kingdom1 longtime residents of Tillamook1 Look at Japan. That nation has unfortunately committed some of the most famous and heinous crimes against humanity that have been recorded in the last century1 Look at the size of this titan of an ammonite1 LOOK: A Moroccan boy who used empty plastic bottles to swim to Spain's North African enclave of Ceuta this week said he would rather die than go back to Morocco1 Looking at the picture1 Love1 Love Is Beautiful: 70-Year Old White Man And 22-Year Old Wife Celebrate 2 Years Marriage Anniversary1 Lower part of a leg and foot with sandal of the over life size statue of Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius(reign 161-180 A.D.)1 Lucky Luciano is regarded as the most influential Mafia boss of all time.1 Luoyang1 Maggie Lena Walker Made History As the First Woman to Own a Bank in the United States1 Male Prostitute Who Disguises As Woman Arrested In Lagos1 Male Robox: See The Sex Robot No Woman ‘can Resist’ (photos)1 Man and woman found together in Ukrainian grave after she was buried ALIVE with her dead husband. "The wife who made the ultimate sacrifice for a 31 Man Buried For One Year Was Still Breathing VIDEO1 Man Claims To Have Found Underwater Alien Base After Reading Creature Found On Beach1 Man D!es During Marathon S3x in Lagos Hotel1 Man last seen in 2012 is found dead in a freezer by builders renovating pub1 MANUAL REPRODUCTION SYSTEMS1 Many don’t know the history of Halloween and continue on. Now1 Many piece of cave art found in north Africa are fake1 Many pirates were often doomed if they got caught by police forces1 Many years ago1 Mapuche warrior Galvarino had both hands cut off as punishment for defying the Spanish1 Margaret Howe Lovatt And Her Sexual Encounters With A Dolphin1 Marilyn Monroe with Billy Wilder1 Mary1 Mary Ann suffered from acromegaly due to which she had abnormal growth and facial distortion1 Mary Mallon (1869-1938) and the history of typhoid fever1 Mary Toft: The Woman Who Kept "Giving Birth" To Rabbits1 Massachusetts1 May 111 May 18th1 May 231 Medieval justice1 Medusa started her life as a very beautiful young girl1 Meet Agnes B. Marshall1 Meet Betty Brosmer1 Meet Dawson : The Man Who Faked Being Deaf And Dumb For 62 Years To Avoid Talking To His Wife1 Meet Dogor1 Meet Francis Clifford Smith1 Meet Kerri Rawson1 Meet Lepa Radiฤ‡1 Meet Lilith1 Meet Pazuzu Algarad1 Meet Ralph C. Lincoln1 Meet Roberto Esquivel1 Meet The First Heartless Man Who is able to Live without Heart beat or a Pulse1 Meet The girl that had to live her life in a small dog cage in a basement1 Meet The Huntsman Spider1 Meet the man that nurse lions1 Meet the man who saved the world from a nuclear holocaust1 Meet The Mexican Man Who Was Born With 2 Heads1 Meet The most envied person in the world1 Meet the oldest house in France. It's found in Aveyron1 Meet The Poor Woman Who Has Been Pregnant For 5 Years1 Meet The Tallest African American Who Couldn’t Stand Or Walk1 Meet The Woman Who Had No Idea She Was Pregnant Until She Gave Birth In The Toil1 Meet The Woman Who Has Slept With Largest Number Of Men In One Day1 Meet the woman who slept with 101 Meet this 39-year-old London based mother of two who carries a 6.8-kilogram rucksack on her back all the time1 Meet Tommy Thompson1 MEET WOMAN WHO EATS SAND AND GRAVEL1 Meet World’s hairiest man Larry Gomez earns Nickname Wolf Man1 Megalodon1 Meghan Markle sparks a wild theory she wore a microphone to the Queen's memorial1 member of an extinct species of megatooth shark (Otodontidae)1 Men Reportedly Flying in Congo During Witches Conference1 Michael and Ann Hammond1 Michael Jackson Fathers Nani Of Manchester United1 Michelle1 Military snipers: Past and present “The 21st1 millions got injured and losses of multi million occur1 Mindy1 Mirny: A Giant Diamond Mine that Sucks Helicopters1 Missing 19yr old female student found alive and n@ked in 39 yr old man' basement1 Missionary Mary Slessor and her adopted Nigerian daughter Atim Eso1 Mississippi1 Missouri2 MME ABOMAH "THE AFRICAN GIANTESS1 Modern Iranian culture: Where you can have a temporary Marriage if you pay for it1 Modern science to unlock the secrets of couples holding each other in loving embrace for 31 Mongolian woman mummy buried a thousand a years ago wearing 'ADIDAS boots' and with a knife that's still shiny died after a massive blow to the head1 Monica Bellucci1 More than 11 more than 1001 MOST DISTINGUISHED CELEBRITY IN THAT TRENDED AND MADE A HOT TOPIC FOR THEIR ISSUES!1 MOST SEXIEST PORN STAR1 Mother1 Mother Story: I want to share an experience I had a few days ago1 Mrs Cynthia Okpara went to her husband's office to report him to his boss1 Mugshot of John Wojtowicz who unsuccessfully tried to rob a bank in 1972 to pay for his wife Eden's gender reassignment surgery1 Muhammad Ali attempting to lift 76-year-old former World Bantamweight boxing champion1 Mummified 200-year-old monk found in Mongolia in 'very deep meditation'1 Mummified corpse of ‘witch’ buried alive 100-years ago for tomb-raiding to finally get a proper funeral1 Mummy of a Monkey Excavated by Mr. Theodore M1 Murder of a Bastard Child1 My neighbor told me how a boy murdered his benefactor and tried to run away with his properties somewhere in 331 My wife was sleeping next to me... and all of a sudden I got a Facebook notification1 Mysteries of Ancient Egyptian Civilization ---- Pyramids1 Mysterious ‘pregnant’ Egyptian mummy reveals woman may have also had cancer1 Mysterious and Bizarre - In 16471 Mysterious giant footprint in Thailand worshipped by locals1 Mysterious mummy found in tomb in Peru with hands covering its face1 n WW1 Leonard Knight was just 17 years old when he was shot at by a German soldier.1 N.Y1 named FIFA's Best Fan1 namesake inventor of the world-famous “Gatling Gun”1 NAMIBIA'S ACTOR OF THE FAMOUS "GOD'S MUST BE CRAZY" WAS PAID $3001 Naples National Archaeological Museum (Museo Archeologico Nazionale) Tours and Activities1 Nature and knowledge One day an elderly man in Africa took a young man into a forest and asked him1 Nature's Eye! Beware1 Nazis dropped by air and left behind pornographic propaganda about British and American girlfriends and wives being unfaithful to them while they were at war1 NDISHI NDISHI TRADITION IN ENUGU-EZIKE1 NDISHI TRADITION IN ENUGU-EZIKE: Commit adultery and run mad1 near Alexandria1 Nearly six hundred million people have their eyes glued to their televisions: Neil Armstrong is just about to make one of mankind’s oldest dreams come true. After more than twenty1 Netherlands. The graves are in two different graveyards1 Nevada sex worker retires at 76 after 54 years of satisfying 5001 NEVER BLAME GOD FOR ANY SITUATION YOU FIND YOURSELF1 ๐๐ž๐ฏ๐ž๐ซ ๐ฌ๐ญ๐š๐ฒ ๐ข๐ง ๐š ๐ฉ๐ฅ๐š๐œ๐ž ๐ฐ๐ก๐ž๐ซ๐ž ๐ง๐จ ๐จ๐ง๐ž ๐ฌ๐ž๐ž ๐ฒ๐จ๐ฎ๐ซ ๐ฏ๐š๐ฅ๐ฎ๐ž1 new genetic evidence suggests1 New York1 New York City1 Nigerian fraudster & con artist Emmanuel Nwude pulled off one of the largest cons in history by selling an airport to a Brazilian bank for $242 million USD. The airport didn't even exist.1 Nigerian lady reportedly dies during plastic surgery in India (video)1 Nigerian Man Adegboyega Cuts Off Breast Of His 8-Year-Old Daughter Aisha For Growing Too Big1 Nikola Tesla was born during a lightning storm1 Nikolay Ivanovich Bobrikov was assassinated by Finnish nationalist Eugen Schauman1 Nine Notorious Paparazzi Moments1 NJ. He graduated from Trenton Central High School.1 No Mercy In Mexico Video Controversy: Execution Of A Father And Son Twitter Video Link1 Nonconsensual Removal Of Condom During Sex is illegal In California1 Noreen Gosch awoke to a knock on the door at 2:30 a.m1 north of Fairbanks1 not people1 Nothing is known about the early life of the Oneida Indian woman Tyonajanegan1 Nothing Last Forever: This Celine Dion Photos Should Teach You Humility1 noticed Johnny Weissmuller swimming in the pool at his hotel and suggested him for the part of Tarzan1 Nov 41 Now I’ve always known Australia was colonized relatively late as far as continents and nations go1 Nubia is the mother of Ancient Egypt. Pharaohs were usually Nubian1 Nurses see something coming out of baby’s face finding out what it was they took immediate action2 Nxivm female sex "slaves" allegedly branded with secretive group leader's initials1 Of all the artifacts from the history of medicine1 often stroking it and saying 'ah tummy1 often with emotional impact1 OGUN STATE1 Oldest Longest-Lasting Prisoner In The World1 Oldest place on planet earth. Mount Roraima is a mountain located in South America1 Omayra Sรกnchez Was Trapped In A Mudflow When A Photographer Captured Her Last Moments1 on 15 April 19451 On a clear spring day 75 years ago on1 On April 141 On April 31 On August 281 On Christmas Day 19451 On December 211 On Feb 231 on Instagram video showing his friend the victim's bloody legs1 On June 111 On June 81 On May 121 On November 121 On November 201 On November 7th1 On October 71 On September 301 On September 41 on The Bulgarian Black Sea Coast1 on The Bulgarian Black Sea Coast.1 On the left is a finger of a gorilla and a human being on the right1 On the left is the statue of a Black individual from the Etruscan civilization in Italy1 On the night of Dec. 201 On the night of June 41 on the triple border between Brazil1 on this day1 On This Day - 161 years ago in 18611 On This Day - April 251 On This Day - August 101 On This Day - March 301 On This Day - May 151 On This Day - May 201 On This Day - October 291 On this day 118 years ago1 On This Day in History > March 171 On this day in U.S. History: President Abraham Lincoln signs the Homestead Act of 1862 on May 201 On this day lost1 On ThisDay in 19631 once took a bullet to the head that was aimed at Marley in an attempted assassination in Kingston1 Once upon a time1 One freezing cold morning in March of 18161 One morning a husband returns to the cabin after several hours of fishing and decides to take a nap1 One of history’s most notorious organized criminal enterprises has its roots in Sicilian lemon groves and the discovery of the cause of scurvy1 one of the first experiments that supposedly took place in Area 511 One of the most common capital crimes for which women were actually executed in the 18th century was the “1 ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT PHOTOS IN HISTORY1 One of the most intriguing mysteries of history concerns the Golden Library of Ivan the Terrible and its disappearance without a trace1 One of the most tragic and frightening cases of “a woman scorned1 One of the old mummy feet appear in the sands of Szakkara. They were were blacks1 One reason airline food is so bad? Your own tastebuds1 One Wealthy Irishman Bought His Wife An Ivory Dildo1 One-year-old girl is killed by 4in HAIL STONE as horror storm in Spain leaves 30 people with injuries including broken bones1 Onfim was a young boy who lived in Novgorod (present-day Russia) some time around 1220 or 12601 OnThisDay in 19421 OnThisDay in 19551 or driftwood1 Oregon1 ORIGIN OF THE OLYMPICS1 ๐Ž๐ซ๐จ๐ฆ๐จ slave girl who won the heart of a ๐†๐ž๐ซ๐ฆ๐š๐ง ๐๐ซ๐ข๐ง๐œ๐ž1 OUCH! Cara Delevingne Is Covered In Painful Looking Welts1 Our ancestors had a profound way of dealing with P.T.S.D. It was believed that after a w.ar1 Outrageous Tales Of Bad Behavior From History's Greatest Athletes1 Painting depicting Scottish Private Ross Tollerton VC rescuing Captain Matheson during the First Battle of the Aisne1 Paleontologists in North Dakota have made a mind-blowing discovery that could forever1 Papuan tribe preserves ancient rite of mummification1 Paris1 Paris is famously known as the City of Love1 part of the multipronged Union1 Pasola is a ritual that is held twice a year in Sumba1 passed through the dialysis machine1 passengers and crew on Qantas Airlines Flight 72 were pulled up from their seats1 Patients Survived Brain Surgery1 Patriarchy is extreme1 Pearls are beautiful jewels1 Pena National Palace Triton Gate in Sintra1 Pennsylvania teen ADMITS to murdering girl1 People Are Now Getting The Inside Of Their Ears Removed In A New Body Modification Trend (PHOTOS)1 People are starting to get "bridge piercings" on their noses so they can have frameless glasses1 People Can't Even Finish Watching Them1 people committed murders just to be executed1 Perfectly preserved Ice Age cave bear : Reindeer herders in a Russian Arctic archipelago1 Person Collects 5 Pics As Proof That They Did1 Pete Davidson's 33-year-old father was on shift at Ladder 118 in Brooklyn Heights1 Petrified iron ladder1 Phila Ndwandwe: The woman that fought in the Trenches during the struggle for democratic South Africa1 PHOTO: Residents In Shock As Remnants Of A Decomposed Body Of A Man Reportedly Found In His Bedroom After Four Years In Apete1 Photos Of Putin’s Newly Mobilized Army Of Aged And Unfit Men Being Sent To Fight - Foreign Affairs1 PHOTOS: Dead Whale Washes Ashore In Bayelsa Community - Pets1 PHOTOS: IN Egypt1 Photos: Sheep feces is now in demand in China because of their richness in protein1 PHOTOS: Teenager Marries 61-Year-Old Man She Met On Dating Site1 PHOTOS: Viral picture of very tall 17-year-old Teenagers from Dinka tribe in South Sudan goes viral on Twitter1 Photos)1 Picture Of A Baby Born With Diprosopus1 pig was tried in court1 pinned to the ground with a sickle across her throat to prevent her returning from the dead1 place or culture1 Plastic surgery Queen shows off extreme look after spending £110k on operation1 please stop what you are doing and read this1 please! He ripped her face off! ... He's eating her! He's eating her!"1 Poland in 1890 with stunning blonde hair1 Police In Germany Arrest ‘Terror Granny’ Accused Of Trying To Incite A Civil War And Restore The Monarchy1 Police rescue man locked up in a room for 20 years in Kaduna1 POMPEI ANIMALS UNVEILED Animals of pompeii unveiled1 Pompeii was an ancient city located in Campania1 Popular American Politician & Lawmaker Mike Itkis Releases His Own Sex Tape To Win Votes1 Portrait of a young grumpy girl1 Portugal1 post-surgery haemorrhages1 Pregnant mum and her unborn child are 'likely to die' after she was set upon by a group of teens1 prepared to defend the Roman-held Syrian city1 preserved for almost 200 years1 President Abraham Lincoln was shot by actor John Wilkes Booth while attending a performance of the play “Our American Cousin” at Ford’s Theater1 President Franklin D. Roosevelt sat in the living room1 President James A Garfield passes away1 President Richard M1 primarily syphilis and gonorrhea1 Princess Diana shakes hands with an AIDS patient without gloves1 Princess Ka'iulani age 17 as a student in England. She was the only child of Princess Miriam Likelike and the last1 Princess Qajar2 probably removed from a cemetery to clear space for new burials1 Prof. Jubril Aminu was once the VC of University of Maidugu. During his tenure1 Protesters put notes on Vladimir Putin's parents' GRAVE saying 'your son is disgraceful'1 punctured urine bladders and ureters1 Putin critic found dead after ‘suicide’ in ninth suspicious death among Russian executives who have criticized Ukraine war1 Putin's Promised 6pm Address 'Declaring War' FAILS To Happen’1 Python can eat possum. The snake below is python eating possum1 Queen Elizabeth II has died. She was 96 years old1 Queen Elizabeth: What lead to her death1 QUEEN NANDI "SHAKA's MOTHER" BURIED WITH 10 WOMEN ALIVE TO TAKE CARE OF HER1 Queen Of Dark! Meet The Model With The Record Breaking Dark Skin Colour (Photos)1 Queen of Scots and Plots Against Elizabeth I1 Queen's coffin will be retrieved to rebury later with Prince Philip and her parents1 Radio based drugs used predominantly in 19001 RAPE ANY GIRL ON SIGHT – The Assam Rape Festival in India begins this week1 Rare photo of the man who is believed to be the deadliest sniper of the Vietnam war Adelbert Waldron1 rather than the teeth from slaves1 Real Life Vampire Demonstrates How He Sucks Blood With His Fangs (video1 Reason Why we wake up when we die in our dreams1 Reasons for child labor laws1 Reasons Why World War II didn't descend into trench warfare1 Reconstruction of a 3 year old NeanderthalChild. Based on the remains found at Roc de Marsal in 1961. Sculptor1 Red rain!1 refuses to take an oath of loyalty to the new Confederate government and is removed from office1 REINCARNATION? Viral photo of Muammar Gaddafi's look-alike warms the internet1 Remembering Pascal Cleatus Poolaw1 Researchers date the oldest known human skull at 2331 researchers discovered a phallus-shaped stone object buried in a cave in a German mountain1 Researchers have found several colossal burrows in South America that are so huge and neatly constructed1 Researchers Sequence Genome of Man Who Died at Pompeii3 Restore Our Earth - The owner of the cow decided to install a CCTV1 Ricky Ate Himself To Death while Battling To Loose Weight1 Right Gun to Change History1 Right Time1 Rimini1 Rita1 Robert Andrew “Bob” Berdella from Kansas City1 Robert Kirby: The stupidest person in the world may surprise you1 Robert Liston was a 19th century Scottish surgeon. During his lifetime1 Robin Ruggerio1 Robin Williams didn’t die from suicide1 Robots specifically built for sex with fully functional female Instruments1 Rocks was the pillow they rested their heads1 Roman Aqueduct1 Roman glassware found in the grave of a rich man in Himlingรธje in present-day Denmark. Dated to 2nd – 3rd century CE. [590x768]1 Roscoe2 ruled suicide by hanging1 Russia1 Russia-Ukraine war: Ukrainian sniper gets married on the frontline to her soldier husband while wielding machine gun (photos)1 Russian archaeologist Natalya Polosmak and her team discovered an ancient tomb at the Ukok Plateau1 Russian beauty queen was left unable to close her EYES or smile after undergoing £31 Russian governor-general of Finland1 Russian Man Lights Himself On Fire To Protest Putin’s Draft1 Russian Model Viki Odintcova was Arrested In Dubai For Snapping Photos On Top Of 73 Storey Building1 S. Africa's Solomon Kalushi Mahlangu said1 Sacrifice victims at Cahokia were locals not foreign captives1 said that this little girl's entire family was executed. The insurgents intended to execute the little girl also1 Sam Houston1 Saturday1 Saudi Arabia Beheads 12 People While Attention Is On World Cup1 save 5-year-old girl2 saved his sister from an attacking dog1 Scaphism: The ancient Persian Torture Methed that killed victims1 Scars became their tattoos1 scary history facts1 Scientifically accurate life-size replica of Titanoboa eating a crocodile1 Scientist Discovered Lesbianism Among Female Gorillas1 Scientists believe they have pinpointed what is probably the hardest year to have lived on earth - an 18 month period of complete darkness1 scientists discover what probably killed the Aztecs1 Scientists say DNA links teacher to 91 Scientists Wrong Thought about Erections in Human Males1 scored his initial victory on 3 April 1951 and his fifth1 Scotlands1 Screenwriter Cyril Hume1 See His Photos Before Losing His Second Head1 See NOAH'S Ark That Reportedly Cost $100 Million To Build1 See shocking before and after photos of Ukranian soldier recently released in prisoner swap after four months in Russian captivity1 See The Strange Thing That Happened This Man After Sucking A Lady’s Pussy1 See the striking facial reconstruction of a Paleolithic woman who lived 311 See the young man in this picture? He was 18 years old when it was taken at the train station in Mobile1 See the young man in this picture? He was 18years old when he was taken at the train station in Mobile1 Selena Gomez1 Self-sacrifice…. is the biggest sacrifice of them all. 13-year-old Jordan was trapped in the 2011 Queensland floods1 Selma Blair announces early exit from Dancing With the Stars due to health concerns1 Senator Robert Kennedy was riding high after scoring a crucial victory1 sentenced and executed for murder1 Sentinelese and fascinating tribes that remain uncontacted1 September 111 September 121 September 19141 September 30 Update-Putin told Russian soldiers to Kill Civilians1 September 41 Sessue Hayakawa1 seven months after World War II truly began1 Severed Hands Found In Egyptian Palace Ruins1 sex1 Sex addict who slept with more than 700 men reveals the night she hit rock bottom and how she would prowl for random guys at the supermarket1 Sexually transmitted diseases (STD's)1 Sgt. Alvin C. York. The greatest (American) hero of World War I1 she began receiving a series of strange phone calls1 she demanded that her sister's coffin be raised so that she could see her one last time1 She Fell Nearly 2 Miles1 she immediately took him to the hospital1 she is referred to as "La Sรฉquestrรฉe de Poitiers" which means "The Confined Woman of Poitiers1 She was brutally attacked by a chimp Travis1 She was on the cover of Vogue at age 19 - one of the world’s most beautiful and glamorous women. The camera loved her1 she was rejected from college.1 She was the first woman and first African-American to lie in state at the Georgia State Capitol rotunda1 she was unbelievably sexy1 Shock As Woman Gives Birth To Baby With One Eye In The Middle Of Her Forehead1 Shocking moment a man is caught on camera KEYING the door of a bright pink Tesla as he casually walks along the street1 Shopper stabbed to death by man who 'refused to thank him' for holding door open1 short and pygmy-like1 shortly after the battle in July 18611 shows off her riding skills in 18901 Sidney Osborne | The gallows in Ireland were familiar and ever present features in front of every jailhouse1 Silvia Grecco1 Sir Walter Raleigh (1552 -1618)1 Sisamnes1 SIX LEADERSHIP PRINCIPLES TO LEARN FROM AN EAGLE1 Six-year-old Bridger from Cheyenne1 Sketch of Union prisoners being exchanged1 Skull of a male aged 40-50 which is pierced obliquely by an iron nail which was used to hold the head and attach it to a wall or another structure1 Skull wearing a medieval chainmail from a mass grave on the Island of Gotland1 Slavery was not “invented” by white people1 Sneezing Clears Ears1 So many people think of addiction as a moral dilemma instead of an illness. Let me share a story with you1 So They Bombed It With Wooden Bombs1 Some kids were digging their compound in 1978 when they came across something big1 Some mind blowing facts about pregnancy1 Some of them look formidable even after death. Amazing that smoking process keeps the bodies from rotting in that heat and humidity1 Something amazing has been discovered in Egypt. Scientists have not seen such frescoes yet.1 something valuable1 somewhere in France1 son gave new life by donating his 65% liver1 Soon after Cindy James separated from her husband in July 19821 South Africa2 SOUTH AFRICA'S RICHEST BLACK MAN AND WOMAN ARE BROTHER AND SISTER WHILE THEIR ELDER SISTER IS MARRIED TO BILLIONAIRE PRESIDENT1 South African mine workers were x-rayed by radiologists at the end of each shift before leaving the De Beers diamond mines in Kimberley2 South Korean Eco-friendly Toilet turns poop into Power and Digital Currency1 SOUTH WEST NIGERIA1 spiritual leaders in Zimbabwe were ha-nged for organizing and leading protests against the British colonialists1 spotted in the Derbyshire Peak District1 Sr.1 Starving prisoners are evacuated from the newly liberated Wรถbbelin Camp in Germany.1 Stele of Thonis-Heracleion being raised from sea where it had been for over a thousand years1 Stephan Bibrowski was born in Bielsk1 Stone Age Mother Cradling her Child in an ancient grave1 Storm chasers: The typhoon turbine that could power Japan for 50 years1 Street vendor selling mummies in Egypt1 strips lady naked for indecent dressing in Ogun1 successfully managed to teach him how to walk1 Sumerian king who lived for 431 Superhighway of ancient human and animal footprints discovered in England1 Sweden1 swim and fly using sneaker1 taken by Philippe Halsman1 Tallest Soldier in World War 2: 7ft 3in (2.21m) Jakob Nacken2 TANZANIAN LADY BURIED ALIVE FOR 8-MONTHS BY BOYFRIEND FOR MONEY RITUAL1 Tattooing has been practiced across the globe since at least Neolithic times2 Te 'Oho A Neru was the last woman of the Rapa Nui ethnic group1 Teen Crushed by Forklift Chooses to Have Half His Body Amputated So He Can Live1 Teen Rape Victim Gets 30 Years In Prison For Stillborn Birth1 Teens chase kidnapping suspect on bikes2 Teguise1 Tennessee on January 51 Teotihuacan is an Aztec name meaning "place of gods"1 TESTING A BULLETPROOF VEST 19231 Texas received a panicked call from 26-year-old Darlie Routier1 Texas. You can be sure the language was salty1 Th 13 service members killed in Kabul attack in the summer of 20211 The ‘Fattest Man In England’ Who Left 19th-Century Crowds In Awe1 The ‘Wolf- Girl1 The "Tollund man" is a 2400-year-old bog body and victim of human sacrifice from the Iron Age1 The “Oldest Gold Of Mankind” was found in the Varna Necropolis2 The “Russian Sleep Experiment”1 The 14-Year-Old Stowaway Who Fell From A Plane1 The 16th President’s Identical Third Cousin Several Times Removed1 The 2000-year-old Roman road with 3 skeletons beneath a McDonald's restaurant in Rome1 The 301 The 6’9″ Serial Killer Who Saved His Grisliest Murder For His Own Mom1 The 9 Most Evil Children Who Ever Lived In The History1 The 9th century polymath and engineer dared to make heavier-than-air machine flight a thousand years before motorised aeroplanes were invented1 The Amazon Fish That Allegedly Targets Men’s Penises1 The American soldiers who guarded Saddam Hussein in his last weeks genuinely grieved for him1 the Anatomical Venus1 The ancient mummies older than Egypt's1 The Asian sheepshead wrasse1 the Asine and the Somme1 the Australian war photographer1 The Badass Teenager That Died Fighting Nazis1 the Banyoro people in present-day Uganda had sophisticated C-section care1 The Basilica of San Francesco in Ravenna (Italy) was built between the 9th and the 10th century1 The Baths of Caracalla1 The Battle of the Marne began one hundred eight years ago today1 the Battle of Wilson’s Creek1 The bear who fought in World War II1 The best decade in human history1 The Best Sexiest Movies You Can Download And Enjoy Right Now1 The biggest impression in Pompeii is caused by plaster casts of bodies. They are not real bodies1 The biggest rocket that was NEVER built1 the biggest snake to have ever roamed the earth1 The Bitter Truths About The World Of Ladies That Men Need To Know1 The Bizarre History Of Sex Toys2 The bizarre life of Boston Corbett - English-born Boston Corbett was the Union Army soldier who shot and killed John Wilkes Booth1 The Bizarre Story of ‘Vasa1 the bloodiest day of the Second World War for Canada took place1 THE BOOK THAT CAN LITERALLY KILL YOU1 The Boxing Match That Lasted 7 Hours1 The Boy Hero of the Confederacy1 The Boy Whose Rare Deformity Inspired The Film ‘Mask’1 The Boy With Two Heads: In 17831 THE BRITISH1 The BTK Killer’s Daughter Who Never Suspected A Thing1 The caption read: “A big ‘For Sale’ sign in a Chicago yard mutely tells the tragic story of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Chalifoux1 The Catholic Church does not like to talk about the infamous Banquet of Chestnuts1 The clearest picture of the sun ever recorded1 The Cosmonaut who was stuck in space for 311 days1 the creator of the dinosaurs that were destroyed last week at Allaire State Park1 The creepiest experiments ever done in human history1 The cry of war1 The Curious Life Of The Conjoined Hilton Sisters1 the cursed Inachalo river at Idah town in Kogi state.1 The Dahomey Amazons were a all-front female military regiment of the Kingdom of Dahomey Benin Africa1 The date was August 81 The deadliest animal in the world1 THE DEMONIC KING GAVE APOSTLE JOSEPH BABALOLA 'THE FORBIDDEN BUSH' TO BUILD A CHURCH WITH THE INTENTION OF KILLING HIM AND HIS TEAM1 The dentures made from the teeth of dead soldiers at Waterloo1 The Derinkuyu underground city is an ancient multi-level underground city1 The Disturbing Crimes Of Ed Kemper1 The Diver and the Mermaid: Photo Series Shot 20 Feet Under the Sea1 The Divine Kings (Eze Nri) of Agukwu-Nri: Short Profiles1 The dodo bird has been long extinct1 The Dollar Princesses: How American Social Climbers Sold Their Daughters To British Nobles For Rank1 the Dwarfie Stane is a mysterious 51 The earliest Homo sapiens1 the events and the ridicule he received1 The extent Royal Navy's mass strike doctrine for its aircraft carriers differ from the US Navy's and Imperial Japanese Navy's during World War 21 The face of a woman going from 1.5Gs to 7.5Gs and then back down1 The Famous Photographer Who Took His Own Life After Taking One Photo1 THE FATE OF KARUN1 The first and only all female fighters in history1 the first Black man1 the first bloodshed of the American Civil War occurs as citizens of Baltimore attack Federal troops in route to Washington D.C2 The first cellphone: Motorola’s DynaTAC 8000X1 THE FIRST DOG TO EVER EARN RANK WAS SERGEANT STUBBY1 The First God1 the first major battle west of the Mississippi River1 The first plastic surgery1 The first scandal in film history1 the first wife was barren while the second wife had six beautiful girls1 The Footprint of a Roman Toddler Has Been Preserved on this Tile for 2000 Years1 The Forgotten Nazi History of ‘One-Pot Meals1 The French fleet at Toulon was scuttled to prevent advancing German forces from capturing them intact during the German occupation of Vichy held mainland France after the Operation Torch Landings1 the Fugates — known as the blue people of Kentucky1 The Gambia Where Old British Women Travel To Have Sex1 The Geography of a Woman as she age1 the German occupation of Norway began1 The Girl Who Fell from the Sky1 The Golden tortoise beetle (Charidotella sexpunctata)1 the government infected 600 Black men in Macon County1 the governor of Texas1 The Guitar Player Who Married Selena1 The half of his face that was still human had the most terrifying look of abject patience I have ever seen.1 The Heartbreaking Story Behind The "The Most Beautiful Suicide1 The heartbroken girlfriend of a British volunteer medic who was killed in Ukraine1 THE HISTORY AND MYSTERY OF BILIKISU SUNGBO SHRINE IN IJEBU ODE1 The history of caesarean section (C-section) dates back as far as Ancient Roman times1 The history of trick-or-treating1 The History Of Witches: How Christianity And Misogyny Turned Revered Healers Into Wicked Pariahs1 The hobo ethical code was introduced during the 1889 National Hobo Convention held in St. Louis Missouri.⁣1 The Horrifying Story Of Elisabeth Fritzl — Who Spent 24 Years In Her Father’s Prison1 The Human Blood Sacrifice Ritual of The Bali Aga1 The Immigrant Story Of Mary Anne MacLeod Trump1 The Incredible story of WW II Medal of Honor recipient Francis Curry the "One man Army1 The Indian Child Who Claimed She Lived Twice1 The Innovators Behind Leonardo1 the intense pressure of the air can cause a pied hawk's lungs to burst1 The Internet Has Fallen In Love With This Gigantic Frog Species1 THE INTERROGATION OF NYARUAI ~~From the book Britain's Gulag~~1 the Inuit and Yupik people of the Arctic have been using traditional snow goggles made of walrus ivory1 the inventor and disability rights activist Gene Fleming1 The King Who Resigned Because of a Woman1 The late king of a cabinet community had ten wild dogs1 The late king of a certain community had ten wild dogs1 THE LEGEND OF MARY STOCKUM.. not Stuckum like everyone always pronounced it1 The Legend of The Green Man1 The Legendary ‘Ohio Big Foot Girl’ Of Sideshow Fame1 The legendary polo player Petre Mshvenieradze with his grandson1 The lion isn’t attacking the girl in this photo. It’s being playful.1 The Lion of Gripsholm Castle (from 18th century Sweden) is considered one of the worst examples of taxidermy1 The Little-Known Story Of Chris Pรฉrez1 The longest traffic jam in the world1 The Los Angeles Dodgers and Chicago Cubs were playing the final game of a meaningless early-season series1 The Lost City Of Pompeii1 The lost city of Pompeii preserved in Ash1 THE LOVE STORY THAT SHOCKED THE WORLD1 The man1 The man doesn’t know that there is a snake underneath.1 The Man Electricity Can Not Kill With Pictures1 The man that was killed by hippopotamus1 The man who cut out his own appendix1 The Man Who Survived 133 Days Adrift At Sea on a Wooden Raft1 The man who was caged in a zoo1 The Man Who Was Slaughtered By His Jealous Ex Jodi Arias2 The man whose blindness1 The Man with The Largest Joystick in The World1 The Meat Cleaver-Wielding Serial Killer Of Turn-Of-The-Century Indiana1 The Medieval Torture Device That Stretched Victims’ Limbs Until They Dislocated1 The Men Of Egypt Are mostly brown and black with a skinny desiccated look According to History1 The Mind-Boggling Tale Of Shanti Devi1 THE MISSING CHILD1 The Montparnasse train wreck in rare photos1 the Moon will start to enter the Earth's partial shadow just after 2.30am1 The Most Brutal Torture And Execution Techniques Throughout History1 the most decorated Native American soldier in U.S. history - 4 Silver Stars1 The most disgusting schemes to get insurance payouts in history1 The most embarrassing paparazzi pictures1 The Most Evil Men in History1 The most historical fact that would surprise most people to learn1 The Most Interesting Man in the World1 The most scandalous photo ever released of singer Rihanna1 The most unexpected twist ever1 The most weirdest disease: The syndrome of Proteus1 The most worthless currency in the world1 The Mother Of Donald Trump1 The mound doesn't bother the little girl1 The much plastic surgery Duchess of Cambridge have1 The Mummies of Guanajuato are a number of naturally #mummified bodies interred during a cholera outbreak around Guanajuato1 The Mummification Process1 The Mummified Wolf-Dog Ancestor That Died 181 The mummy of ancient Egyptian king Amenhotep I has been seen for the first time in centuries after being digitally1 The Mystery Girl Found In A Bog1 The Nemi ships1 the no-faced man who stalks remote streets at night1 the no-faced man who stalks remote streets at night.1 The Oldest Door in the UK. : This oak door featured in Westminster Abbey is Britain’s oldest and only Anglo-Saxon Door1 The oldest house in the Aveyron goes around the world1 The oldest known tattoo tools were found at an ancient Tennessee site1 The oldest known wool trousers that have survived to date are dated to about 31 The only bird that dares to catch an eagle is the crow. He sits on his back and bites his neck1 The organization which helped escaped African slaves from the South on their journey to freedom in the North and Canada.1 THE ORIGIN OF HUMAN SACRIFICE1 the originators of the Roman civilization. On the right1 The origins of human beings according to ancient Sumerian texts1 the Paiute Shaman Wovoka gave the American Indians of the Great Plains some much needed hope1 The people who drink human blood1 THE PHENOMENON OF GHOST APPLES1 The phrase "Jim Crow Law" can be found as early as 1892 in the title of a New York Times article about Louisiana requiring segregated railroad cars1 The picture of Omar Al-Mukhtar teaching Qur’an to the children in his home1 The picture that goes around the world: Police officer who breastfed baby on duty in Argentina promoted1 The Pinup Queen With The ‘Impossible Waist’ Who Built A Female Fitness Empire1 the Qilakitsoq mummies of Greenland1 THE QUEEN TIY1 The real face of King Tut: Pharaoh had girlish hips1 The Real Reason Why Men Should Stop Watching Po*n1 The Real Story Of Edward Mordrake1 The Real-Life 'Mowgli' Who Was Raised By Wolves1 The Real-Life Mowgli: This Man Was Raised By Monkeys1 The reconstruction of the face of a 2500 year-old girl: Myrtis1 The regularly practiced medical procedure that has been completely stopped nowadays1 The remains of a female "vampire"1 The remains of the "Red Queen". Her tomb was dated to between 600-700 AD and found in Palenque1 THE RICH FATHER WHO DECAYED ON HIS BED1 The Rock— movie Reviews1 The romantic side of Archeology; The timeless kiss that lasted 2800 years1 The sad story of how a mother was wrongfully accused of killing her own child1 The same-sex couple marriage between Elisa Sรกnchez Loriga and Marcela Gracia Ibeas1 The Satanist Who Buried Bodies Behind His House Of Horrors1 The Scorpio Lunar Eclipse at 25 degrees on May 16th will see you burn it down so you rebuild it with a power so charged and directed that it takes your breath away1 the second largest baths complex in ancient Rome1 The secret truth about the ancestors of all humanity1 the serial killer remained unknown until now. One of the most famous unsolved serial killings in history.1 The Serial Killer Who Made Soaps and Cakes Out of the People She Killed1 The Serial Killer’s 175-Year-Old Head In A Jar1 the short hairs on my neck bristle with vague fear1 The short-faced bear is an extinct ancient bear that lived in North America 111 The shortest recorded war in history was just 38 minutes long! The Anglo-Zanzibar War on 27 August 1896 was a military conflict fought between the United Kingdom and the Zanzibar Sultanate1 THE SHORTEST WAR IN HISTORY1 The Sickening History Of The Rack1 the skeleton of a 9 year old boy from Iron Age Holland was discovered near a burial mound in the town of Uitgeest (Netherlands)1 THE SLEEPING BEAUTY1 The Solemnity of the Epiphany / Three Kings Day1 The son of Senzangakhona and Nandi1 The story behind the most fraudulent election in history1 The Story Of Attah Ameh Oboni - the Nigerian King who Chose Suicide Instead of Bowing to the Queen of England1 The Story Of Belle Gunness1 The Story Of Daniel Lambert1 THE STORY OF ETIM ESIN - the Nigerian star footballer who could have been the World Best Player but lost it all due to youthful exuberance1 The Story of how Mary Slessor Stopped the killing of Twins but sadly died of Fever1 The Story Of Lina Medina1 The Story Of Pamela Courson And Her Wild Relationship With Jim Morrison1 The Story of Princess Inikpi1 The Story Of Roberta Pedon Premature death and surprising resurrection1 The strangest archaeological discovery ever found1 The Surgeon domus is a splendid example of a Roman residence of the 2nd century A.D.1 The Surgeon's House (Domus del Chirurgo)1 The symbolism of Ravana's 10 heads - Hindu American Foundation1 The Tennis Match Played on the Wings of a Plane1 The terrible history of Sarah Bartman and how she was a human exhibit in a freak show because she had a big butt1 The Terrifying Arachnid That Doesn’t Need Webs To Kill1 The Tiny Extra Hole In Your Ear Could Be An Evolutionary Remnant Of Fish Gills1 the Titanic set sail. Did you know there were Black passengers on the ship?1 The Titanoboa is the largest known snake1 The tomb of Tuthmosis III KV34 was carved deep into the Valley of the Luxor King.1 the tradition of sweat lodges originally came from bighorn sheep1 The Tragic Life Of Fanny Mills1 The Tragic Story Of Joyce Vincent — The Dead Woman Who Went Unnoticed For Two Years1 The Tragic Story Of Keith Sapsford1 The Tragic Story of Ota Benga1 The train crash at Montparnasse station. France1 The Treasure Hunter Who Found $4 Million In Gold — And Won’t Tell Anyone Where It Is1 The Truck Stop Killer1 The truth behind Queen Elizabeth’s ‘hidden’ cousins1 the two-legged pig who's become a celebrity in China1 The U.S. Coast Guard just rescued an isolated miner in Alaska who had been attacked and terrorized by a grizzly bear for a week straight1 The Unbelievable Moment in the first World War1 The United States Congress declares war on Mexico on May 131 The Utah Mother Presumed Murdered By Her Husband1 The Varna Necropolis1 The Vasa warship sank at the occasion of his inaugural journey in Stockholm in 1628. After 333 years at the bottom of the1 The VERY rude Hereford church carving that's gone viral1 The Vibrant Life Of Rocky Dennis1 the Victorian Queen of Ice Cream1 The Viking Torture Method So Grisly Some Historians Don’t Believe It Actually Happened1 The Village Without Sun Which Created Its Own1 The vulture is waiting for the girl to die and to eat her. The photograph was taken by South African photojournalist1 The War of The Bucket : In a way1 The Will and William West case: The identical inmates that showed the need for fingerprinting1 The woman who gave birth to rabbits (and other hoaxes)1 The world's largest frog is the Goliath frog which can be found in Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon1 THE WORLD'S RICHEST PERSON1 the world’s largest intact ancient mosaic opened to the public in Antakya1 the world’s oldest living land animal1 The Worst Ever Traffic Jam in History1 the worst industrial disaster in American history occurred at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory in New York City1 The worst Serial Killer In History1 The Worst Shark Attack In Human History1 the young woman who offered herself as a sacrifice to be buried alive1 The Youngest Mother In The World1 the Zaghouan Aqueduct supplied water to the Roman city of Carthage and stretched for over 100 miles1 THE ZONG MASSACRE : THE UNFORGETTABLE 1781 INCIDENT WHICH SAW 133 SLAVES THROWN INTO THE ATLANTIC1 The Zong Massacre in the 1800s was deeply troubling1 theatrical makeup. She also transformed her diet program into a bizarre "church" that hailed thinness as the ultimate way to get closer to God1 then 20-year-old Barbara Mackle was the victim of one of the most blatant kidnappings in history1 then asked for a ride home the next morning1 then employee of the Boston Herald headline1 then shot or run over if they got tired1 there appears to be space alongside the cage1 there are four types of Intelligence1 There are many snakes with a very poisonous venom that kills within some hours1 there is a resort that has an insane spa that allows guests to dive into a tub of red wine or a cup of green tea1 there was a meteor shower so intense that it was possible to see up to 1001 there was an Aluta struggle and some students were rusticated1 There was shock and disbelief in Zimbabwe’s Murehwa area after the gruesome and mutilation of a 7 year old boy (Munyaradzi Makore)1 There's a saying: "Your face is your fortune." Marty Feldman had received a double-whammy. His nose1 There's a scene in Titanic in which Jack and Rose climb onto the side of the ship as it sinks. Rose turns her head and sees a gentleman with a mustache1 there's a woman who goes every day on the underground and sits on the platform just to listen to the announcement recorded by her husband in 19501 These 81 These are the remains of a prehistoric house from the bronze age settlement of Akrotiri in Santorini1 These are the remains of the High Ranking Birka Shield-maiden1 these are the wildest Andre the Giant drinking stories of all time1 These areas were originally populated by Africans and descendants of Africans (Black people)1 These Victorian-Era Cups Kept Men’s Mustaches Clean1 They asked him "what's your name ?" He replied "I am KUNTA KINTE"1 They Find out what it was1 THEY KILLED HIM BECAUSE HIS CAR "THE DEATH OF LUCKY DUBE"1 they were given the traditional African hospitality1 Thief tries to rob an MMA fighter and gets bad1 Thieves discovered a Roman burial ground beneath an olive grove1 THINK ABOUT YOUR LIFE1 This 15-year-old boy from Palestine ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ธ was shot d.ead on 8 November 20001 This 15-year-old girl lived in the Inca empire and was sacrificed 500 years ago as an offering to the gods1 This 21 This article was most recently revised and updated by Amy Tikkanen1 This Beach Was Seized From A Black Family During Jim Crow — And Los Angeles County Just Returned It1 This Bird Can Carry Human Being1 This Bizarre photo proves that History was far strange than you ever reliazed1 This Bronze Age Highway Has The World’s Oldest Bridges That Are Still In Use Today1 This carnivorous plant is called Nepenthes Holdanii and grows west of Cambodia1 This Civil War vet walked around with a bullet in his face for 31 years1 This dark eagle-owl is among the largest owls in the world and by far the largest eagle-owl found in the African rainforests1 This female serial killer used to kill virgin girls and bathed in their blood1 This French prostitute had 3 legs1 This girl bought an iPhone1 This heartbreaking picture was taken after the atomic bombing of Nagasaki1 This is a photo of an Oharame1 This is a photo of Pelorus Jack.1 This is a photograph of Maud Wagner in 19071 This is a portrait of Spanish spy and double agent1 This is a true story1 This is Aak the Iron Age Boy from Holland... and you could be related to him1 This is Clarence Moses. He was sentenced to 48 years imprisonment because a woman accused him of raping her in her dream1 This is Colonel Edward W. Hinks of the 19th Massachusetts1 This is how one of the heating places in Kherson looks like1 This is Jim Thorpe Whose shoe was stolen1 This is known as one of medicine’s most incredible moments1 This is six Grandfathers mountain1 This is the case of the so-called " Abigail Project"1 This is the concept of marrying a man who loves you ′′just the way you are1 This is the horrifying moment a man was swallowed whole by a 7-meter-python after harvesting palm oil in a remote village in Indonesia1 This is the most brutal tortures ever done in history1 This is the pain that we carry1 This is the size of the stones used to build the great pyramid of ร‰gypt1 This is the story of a young girl whose father owed a great debt to an Italian merchant1 This is the tomb of Marie Skล‚odowska–Curie in Panthรฉon1 This is what bone cancer does to your skeleton1 This Japanese hotel room costs $1 a night. The catch? You have to livestream your stay1 This knot1 This Large Frogmouth baby emerges from underneath its parent for the very first time since its birth1 This Man Rode a Bike From India to Sweden—for Love2 This man was born with a rare genetic disorder that results in increased height1 This Marine sniper left Vietnam with 103 confirmed kills1 This one absolutely gives me the chills and you won’t see many like it1 This painting hanging in the state capital of #Alabama take a long look at it. James Marian Sims1 This painting is called 'Deluge scene '1 This photo is taken during the Bangladesh Liberation War. The atrocities of this war are little known to the Western1 This photo was on the cover of 'YANK' Magazine1 This photo was taken in 19581 This photo was taken in Damascus in 1899. The dwarf is Samir1 This picture was taken in the Harbin Provincial Hospital.1 This plant is called the 'Huacrapona' palm tree1 This Pregnancy Broke All Records Which Even Doctors Did Not Believe Changed Medical History1 This Roman Bathhouse Was Built Over 21 This sheep dog is covered in his own blood after fighting off wolves protecting his flock1 This solider kept fighting WWII 29 years after it ended1 This system is 3000 years old and located in the city of Gonabad. (Contemporary Iran)1 This tree is almost as old as the Earth just off by 150 years!1 This was taken in the recent Syrian war in the Ghouta area that left over 600 people killed with 200 of them being children1 This week in 19511 This week marks the 211th anniversary of The German Coast Rebellion. On January 81 This weird insect may look like something straight out of a sci-fi movie but it's in fact very real1 This Woman Felt Severe Headache Nurse Looks Closer & Runs To The Doctor2 This writer is only trying to tell you to build up your thinking faculty and work more with reasoning1 Thomas Silverstein was uncontrollably violent both as a free man and behind bars1 thousands of people died1 three Alcatraz inmates used dummy heads to pull off perhaps the most daring prison break in recorded history1 Three year old Mtoto1 Throwback Thursday: In 2010 Supatra "Nat" Sasuphan from Thailand achieved the record for hairiest teenager1 Tippi Hedren says Alfred Hitchcock sexually assaulted her1 Tired Of People Claiming That Gays Never Existed Until Now1 Titanic Live: April 7th1 TITLE : Silverton Siege YEAR RELEASED: 20221 to take care of his partner (Jim Kemple) who was dying of AIDS1 Today in History -- On today’s date 321 years ago during the Golden Age of Piracy on Friday1 Today In History : 1 November (1942)1 Today in History: 1st Execution By Electric Chair! From History1 Today In Presidential History . On February 161 Today’s Gender Role: Does History Matter in Gender Psychology1 Together forever1 Together Forever: The Story of Eng and Chang Bunker1 Torn cervices1 Trapped Woman Gave Daughter Her Blood to Keep Her Alive1 Travelogue: The Hanging Temple of Datong1 Tree hugger1 Trending Now on the news1 Triboulet was a jester for Louis XII (King of France from 1498 to 1515) who is perhaps most famous for slapping the king on the buttocks1 Turkey1 turtles could eat you with a single bite1 Two eerily similar murders2 two German hikers traversing the ร–tztal Valley region1 Two male Bolivian river dolphins astonished scientists in August 2021 near the Tijamuchi River in Bolivia1 Two stories about the sweat lodge. First1 Two teenage girls1 Two woman wore shorts out in public for the first time. They drew a huge amount of male attention and caused a car accident1 U.S Has World's Highest Incarceration Rate1 Uganda in 1905. A tired Ugandan called Rutaraka later speared him to death1 Ukranian woman who injected herself with £11 Uncontrolled Russian Rocket Is Falling Back From Space To Earth1 Undergoes 100 Cosmetic Surgeries To Improve Her Looks (Photos)1 UNEXPLAINED PHOTO MYSTERIES(NO. 12 IS A SHOCKER!)1 Unsolved: The Most Unusual Deaths From History1 UPDATESCameron Diaz: “I’m ready to take off all my clothes for a film role”1 Us1 US Army Personnel test a German Late-War FG 421 Venezuela and Guyana1 Veronica Mars ( Film )1 Victorian Strangeness: The lawyer who shot himself proving his case1 VIDEO: ” I lost My Virginity at 12 And I Have Slept with Over 2000 Guys”— Rapper Diamond Reveal1 Video: Soldier beats1 Vietnamese Man Has Been Sharing a Bed with His Wife’s Remains for 16 Years1 Vintage Photograph Shows NYC Daredevil Balancing on a Stack of Chairs 20 Stories Up Circa 19201 WAITING FOR 2300 YEARS1 Wall paintings in a historic Pompeii brothel have revealed the amorous activities of ancient Italians1 WALTER SUMMERFORD: The most unlucky person in history was Walter Summerford1 Warrior couple and 21 was beheaded at the Tower of London!1 was born in New Mexico1 was born in New York City1 was born in Paris.1 Was Brooklyn Supreme the Largest Horse on the Planet?1 was called in to document a fire near Marlborough Street.1 was discovered outside a Chilean ghost town1 was executed by beheading at the Tower of London1 was fought near Springfield1 was found dead next to her three-year-old daughter when she didn't turn up to collect her children from school1 was ruled by Black African Moors1 was so depressed he wouldn't eat and didn't respond to medical treatment2 was swimming with friends in Lake Michigan when he crossed1 was the first woman to walk the Appalachian Trail solo in one season1 Watch: Korean Man Tears up After He 'Meets' Deceased Wife Through Virtual Reality1 Way a woman easily get pregnant1 We were taught to believe our history started with slavery when in fact our history started1 wearing a 3-piece suit and holding a cane1 WEEKS!)1 were built between 212 and 219 AD by the emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus1 were common in both armies1 were found during archaeological1 were later used to construct walls at the site of the former Church of Saint John in Ghent1 What are the most evil human beings in history that people have never heard of?1 What do we know about the GUANCHES?1 WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND1 What happens if an adult eats a lot of honey1 What happens to the brain if you do not sleep at night?1 What historical character was considered a madman until he was proven to be right?1 What innocent-seeming picture is actually heartbreaking?1 What is an interesting fact of history that most people don't know?1 What is the biggest sturgeon fish?1 What is the least famous unsolved mystery you know?1 WHAT IT TAKES TO HAVE A FACE LIFT SURGERY1 What she called "the greatest crime of the century"1 What was acceptable in the past but would be considered unacceptable today1 What was the creepiest scene that made a movie seem real?1 What were the Banana wars? US Marines with the captured flag of Augusto Cรฉsar Sandino in 19321 What You should Not Eat1 When Courtney was pregnant1 When Europeans Were Slaves:1 When Patricia Stallings' baby became violently ill in 19891 When strange lights appeared above Lake Michigan on March 81 When the Europeans arrived Whydah1 when the father saw it1 When the second plane hit the Twin Towers on 9/111 WHEN THE ZULUS DEFEATED THE BRITISH EMPIRE1 when they met at a dance for disabled people in the 1980s1 where did dark skin color come from?1 where he fell in love with a woman who was working the day shift1 where people can charge their gadgets and use the Internet.1 Which is the best modern sniper rifle in the world?1 which refer to women who came from the Ohara region in Kyoto to sell firewood1 which shows the damage from radiation exposure2 which was to ensure the pharaoh's health1 while on assignment to Sudan.1 While The Rest Of Victorian Ireland Starved1 while the sheep gently comforts him1 While the world celebrates open heart surgery as a modern triumph of science1 who face eviction from their apartment.1 WHO IS THE MOST MISUNDERSTOOD HISTORICAL FIGURE?1 Who killed Jill Dando? The main theories behind murder of British TV’s golden girl1 who loves to cradle her exomphalos when her bandages are removed for bath time1 WHO SOLD NIGERIA TO THE BRITISH FOR £865K IN 1899?1 who was 10 at the time1 who was a pet of her friend Sandra Herold1 who was a resident of Britain1 who was allegedly the first known female tattooist in the United States1 who was seen narrating game to her blind son1 who was unaware of her pregnancy1 who were born with Down syndrome1 Who were the ugliest monarchs ever? Princess Ruth of Hawaii (1826–1883)1 who.1 whom he took in chains to be exhibited in Europe like animals1 whose name was not known1 whose origin goes back to Egypt1 Why are these foundation walls built this way?1 Why do we turn the music down when parking1 Why I slept with a dog: Dirty confession of a Lagos girl1 WHY OUR PANTIES BLEACH1 Why some slaves have to wear iron masks1 Why the Military Just Can’t Get Enough Combat Shotguns1 Why Utah’s Nutty Putty Cave Is Sealed Up With One Spelunker Inside1 Will a snake eat itself?1 WINNIE THE POOH: BL00D AND HONEY1 Witch Doctor Dies Inside Grave While Trying To Remove Dead Body From Grave1 with syphilis1 Woman ‘buried Alive Spends 11 Days Trying To Fight Her Way Out Of Coffin1 Woman Abandons Her Cute Baby By The Roadside1 Woman calls out her best friend for watching her boyfriend rape her then going ahead to marry him1 Woman claims father murdered up to 70 people years ago1 Woman Gives Birth To Half Human Half Elephant1 Woman Going Through An Attitude Adjustment Program1 Woman holds record for having s*x with 919 guys in the same day1 Woman Is Able To Hear1 Woman Who Disappeared 42 Years Ago Found Living With Dementia in Nursing Home1 WOMEN1 Women being arrested for wearing one piece bathing suits1 women were forbidden to study medicine1 WOODEN PROSTHESIS OF THE FINGER OF TABAKETENMUT DAUGHTER OF AN EGYPTIAN PRIEST1 working on the adaptation of "Tarzan the Ape Man" (1932)1 World Dirtiest Man Has Died In Iran At Age 94 (Photos)1 World Fastest Camera1 World Historical Event: The sewer pipe at Pierrefonds castle This terrifying but beautiful drain1 World Historical Event: The Surgeon's House (Domus del Chirurgo) is located in Rimini (Italy)2 World War 1 and 11 Heroes1 World War II officially came to an end with the surrender of Japan to the Allies aboard the battleship USS Missouri1 World War II's 'Most Dangerous’ Allied Spy was an American woman with a wooden leg1 World's Fattest Man1 World's Youngest Male-to-Female Transsexual1 World’s Largest Underwater Sculpture Unveiled In Bahamas1 World’s Most Hairy Woman Finally Shave Because Of Her Boyfriend1 wounded at the Battle of Antietam by two musket balls1 WRESTLING originated in ancient Nubia1 Wrong belief that existed in antiquity1 WW21 Wyoming1 Yahoo Boy Murders Girlfriend In Bayelsa1 Year 20171 Years ago1 Yes1 You are looking at one of the first crime scene photos ever taken1 You are looking at the face of a person who lived 151 you need to hear this1 You're being Watched1 young couple lived in a small farm. One day the husband made the following proposal to his wife1 young Sailors smile after getting their hair cut aboard the USS Saratoga as it crossed the Equator in February of 19441 Your Foot Shape and Your Genealogy1 Zaghouan Tunisia Built by the Emperor Hadrian1 Zamfara girl set self ablaze over boyfriend’s inability to pay dowry1
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